IELTS Reading Tips

Things to remember

1. Remember that there are three reading passages and that you only have one hour, so spend 20 minutes on each question.

2. Make sure you understand the rubric.

3. Look at the type of questions for this passage.

4. Read the passage for gist. Read anything in bold, any diagrams and the first line of each paragraph. Spend no more than 2 minutes on this.

5. Read the questions thoroughly.

6. Refer back to the text with the sole intention of finding the answer.

7. Write your answer on the answer sheet. Make sure that the numbers correlate.

8. Check you have spelt your answers correctly. If you make a mistake, the answer will be marked wrong.

Things to avoid

1. Do not read the whole text before looking at the questions. You do not have enough time.

2. Do not spend more than ONE minute on any given question. You do not have enough time.

3. Do not leave any spaces on the answer sheet. If you are not sure take a guess.

4. Do not expect the invigilator to help you by explaining any vocabulary you do not understand because s/he is not allowed to.

5. Do not mark more than one answer per question. It will be marked wrong.

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