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Lesson & Homework

Breiner Saturday 9:30 - 12:30

Updated 1st December 2018

Covered in the Lesson


24th November

Working in groups, prepare ideas for a festival. Create a poster showing the proposal, with details of the festival plan.
This will be displayed in the centre.
On the last page of the magazine there are QR code links to two www pages:
Here are some questions to answer when you have read the and watched the .

What language-learning strategy did the writer have, and why didn't it work?

Do the activities on the video page.

17th November

Videos showing cultural differences around the world; things you might not expect, and also things that are offensive.

Where Music Meets Travel: 17 Songs to Celebrate Equality in 2017
Listen to as many of the songs as possible and make a note of what they convey to you.

You can use the following links to help you.

Choose two of the songs that you listened to and talked about; find the lyrics online and then write 50-100 words about why the song is special and what ideas it puts forward.

10th November

Please complete the survey

Use of English test from FCE past paper.

Say whether these statments are true or false (T/F):
  1. Remembrance Day is a Christian festival.
  2. The poppy is a symbol of victory.
  3. The poppy is to remember not only WWI, but all soldiers who have fought in wars during the 20th and 21st centuries.
  4. The idea of selling poppies was inspired by a poem written by a soldier during WWI.
  5. The idea was first thought of in England.
  6. There were not enough poppies for Scotland so a different factory was established.
  7. it is obligatory in the UK to wear a poppy on 11th November

Share thoughts about the musicians focused on last class.

Class survey on paper for Porto records.

Song: James Taylor: Shower the people.

Magazine p4 lead in and listening task.
Magazine p5 nos 3 & 4.

3rd November

Follow the link to the ghost story.

Musicians in Residence:

Complete notes made on the 3 musicians. Prepare to talk to different people next lesson about your ideas. For this you need clear notes you can refer to.

27th October

Answers to homework: reading 1st 2 pages of the magazine.

Reading: article about sport and prejudice; Powerpoint with vocabulary activities.

Agreeing/disagreeing with 5 controversial statements; groups formulate arguments and try to persuade a third group to agree with them.

Note 3 words or phrases that you learnt this lesson.

Star by David Bowie.
Write 50 words about your favourite music.

20th October

Magazine p6 Presentation:

Ideas for presentations:
Do the language activities on this page as well as choosing a topic.

Prepare presentations then give them.

Start new magazine: read page 2 and do all activities on page 3. We will check answers and give feedback next lesson.

I have been asked to share this Powerpoint with you:

13th October

p3 Nº5 individual comments.

Lou Reed - NY telephone conversation gapfill.

p4-5 all activities.

Coaching role play.

Corrections to homework.

Research famous people: Richard Branson, James Dyson & Tim Berners-Lee (Nº10 p 5).
Writing about a famous person (if not already done).

6th October

about what influences achievement in school.

Powerpoint about 5 people who have affected the lives of others. collocations.

p2-3 all parts: reading & vocabulary.

Supertramp My kind of lady
p3 no 5: write some more in answer to these questions.

Write 100-150 words about one of the famous people from 1st lesson.

29th September

Introduction to course.
Famous people - early life: in groups focus on one of them and find out more about them.
Present perfect: who has done various various things, followed by activity: "Have you ever...?" practising use of Present Perfect questions and statementts "S/he has (never) done...".

Gave out magazine - quick look through.
Writing 150 wds (collaborate if possible) about the famous person you researched in groups.