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Lesson & Homework

Breiner Saturday 9:30 - 12:30

Updated 20th October 2018

Covered in the Lesson


20th October

Magazine p6 Presentation:

Ideas for presentations:
Do the language activities on this page as well as choosing a topic.

Prepare presentations then give them.

Start new magazine: read page 2 and do all activities on page 3. We will check answers and give feedback next lesson.

I have been asked to share this Powerpoint with you:

13th October

p3 Nº5 individual comments.

Lou Reed - NY telephone conversation gapfill.

p4-5 all activities.

Coaching role play.

Corrections to homework.

Research famous people: Richard Branson, James Dyson & Tim Berners-Lee (Nº10 p 5).
Writing about a famous person (if not already done).

6th October

about what influences achievement in school.

Powerpoint about 5 people who have affected the lives of others. collocations.

p2-3 all parts: reading & vocabulary.

Supertramp My kind of lady
p3 no 5: write some more in answer to these questions.

Write 100-150 words about one of the famous people from 1st lesson.

29th September

Introduction to course.
Famous people - early life: in groups focus on one of them and find out more about them.
Present perfect: who has done various various things, followed by activity: "Have you ever...?" practising use of Present Perfect questions and statementts "S/he has (never) done...".

Gave out magazine - quick look through.
Writing 150 wds (collaborate if possible) about the famous person you researched in groups.