Lesson & Homework

Breiner Friday 17:30 - 20:45

Updated 16th October 2020

You are required to have the course book for lessons starting C. It can be bought in or other bookshops, or as a PDF copy. You are required to have Cambridge Past Papers Book 2 for lessons starting CX.

Books: Keynote (Proficient); English Vocabulary in Use (Advanced) (CUP); also highly recommended: Advanced Grammar in Use (CUP). The last two are avalable as if you prefer.

Covered in the Lesson


16th October

CX006WEU Writing 1

A Life on Our Planet

: The Earthshot Prize.
As you watch this put a number next to each word or phrase as you hear it

Write a short article (c.300 words) advising the general public what they can do to help reverse the damage that has been done to the world over the last two centuries.

9th October

CX001LEU Exam Overview

C032CEU The danger of a single story

2nd October

C031CEU Same but different

CX012CEU Use of English & Speaking