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Updated 5th April 2020

Books: Keynote (Proficient); English Vocabulary in Use (Advanced) (CUP); also highly recommended: Advanced Grammar in Use (CUP). The last two are avalable as if you prefer.

Extra Material used in the Lesson


3rd April


Listening for Book 2, which you have.

Part 1

Part 2


27th March

C033CEU No better, no worse

C034CEU Why more is less

25th March

Food and Sustainability

We will choose who reads each article, depending on how we divide groups:

Read the article with a partner and answer the vocabulary questions. When you have finished, please return to Zoom to see screen sharing.

Now, read the article again and summarize it in approximately 100 words. Write your summary here:

We can see all groups' summaries in the Google Doc. Skim read the others and we will have a group discussion about the topic.

Now can you prepare a 2-minute talk about the content of the article you read and summarized, adding your own view and suggestions. If you do this task individually it will be similar to the CPE speaking test.
You may find this site interesting for further study of this subject:

14th March

School closed; watch this space for further information.

13th March


Part 6 & 7 of the Reading and Use paper. Practice with 2 of each, then part 7 from the exam past papers bk2; part 6 try for homework.

Ways of increasing vocabulary: read/listen to texts form radio and online publications, use a to find alternative meanings, as many of the answers to reading questions are based on paraphrasing.

The dangers of a single story

TED talk; using anecdotes to illustrate an idea or a lesson learned.
, a BBC programme.

12th March

Listening parts 3 & 4; lesson CX007CEU

During the lesson we did these listenings

zip archive.
Listening tracks for book 2 test 1.

Part 3

Part 4
These are the listenings on the last worksheet I gave you the lesson.

Listening Part 3

Listening Part 4

More Part 4 Listening:



7th March

What've you been up to? (Creativity)

6th March


I can well believe that

Same but different

5th March

Listening parts 1 & 2

29th February


Mostly about sentence stress & weak forms where vowels degrade to the schwa sound /ə/ Limerick activity to illustrate this.

28th February

Practical Design

Two articles about touch screens and whether they are really a good idea.

Language work in the unit.

Working in groups choose an aspect of life that needs a solution and present your ideas.

Listening parts 3 & 4; lesson CX007CEU

Listening Part 3

Listening Part 4

More Part 4 Listening:



22nd February

No class today.

14th, 15th & 21st February

I was ill these days.

13th February

Film review

Examples of film reviews

14th February

Magical houses, made of bamboo

Film review

Examples of film reviews

7th February

Economic Resources

Practical Design

25th January

The value of education.

24th January

Energy-Hungry World & Land for All

Activities on pages 56-9 of the course book.

Work book activities

18th January

Learning and Memory

17th January


The Magic Washing-Machine p54-5

Listening track:

Writing: Article

10th January

Human Interaction

Complete exercises from Keynote not done in lesson.

Economic resources

4th January

19th December

13th December

Body Language

Human Interaction

6th December

Report Writing

Human Interaction

8th November

Writing: letter


26th October

A: Completely lost without it

Keynote p100-1.

Prof David Crystal on the effect of the Internet on English.

B: Reading & Use of English, parts 1 & 2

As advertised for the lesson, and nº2 of cloze tests from my site, and parts 1 & 2 from the Cambridge

25th October

A: Optimist or pessimist

pp22-3 Keynote book.

Grammar practice: future predictions.

Look at these pictures

Watch this video about the future
Here are two views of what the world economy will be in 2050:

Think about the future and then write in your predictions

B: Reading & Use of English, parts 1 & 2

to kill time = matar o tempo

19th October

Speaking part 1

Speaking questions and example video.

Writing: an account of an incident

p26-7 Keynote.
Send in final draft of article.

18th October

A: It's not really my thing - writing

Write the full report if you like, and post it to this link:

Look up "Marc Hauser dives into the jet stream" to find out about his attempt.

If you wish to work more on nominalisation, look at exs 10a & 10b on p17, & the extras on p141.

B: Why I live in mortal dread of public speaking


Listening: The Lonely Cyborg

11th October


B Exam Practice


4th October


Unit 1.3


Unit 1.4

Extra material

If you would like more listening practice, this is another ABC programme:

27th September


to copy in gapped dialogues.

B: Exam work

Essay writing, looking at examples and assessing them against the exam criteria.

Write the essay from the Cambridge 2 past paper book.

This is a collection of material not directly connected with the course, but which you may find interesting. Please let me know if you find further material that I might add.

This is a collection of material not directly connected with the course, but which you may find interesting. Please let me know if you find further material that I might add.