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Breiner Friday 17:30 - 20:30

Updated 3rd June 2018

Covered in the Lesson


1st June

Call my bluff.

Fawlty Towers: Communication Problems
Module Test Documents


25th May

Emerald module test.
If you were not in class, please contact me to arrange to do the test. I need to receive this as soon as possible.

18th May

Supplementary materials for unit 8 Prof Masterclass.
Speaking about crime, listening about the Kray brothers, Use of English: gapfill, multiple choice, word building.
Revise for test next week.

11th May

Work in small groups to find out what you think about this.
and complete

Taboos & Issues: Children who kill.

Vocabulary p84 n9
Revise for module test in two weeks.

Reading for next week.
I have assigned you to groups. If you were absent, choose one of these articles to read:

All read

4th May

Call my bluff.

/'æŋgrɪ/ angry
/'hʌŋgrɪ/ hungry

p81 Unit 8 Law & Order, no1.

p82 speaking part 2 using the pictures. Vocab for different crimes.
p82 reading.

Conscientious objector reading and discussion activity. To be continued.
p81 no6 write your own sentences with about 5 examples for each word. Use the to find them.

Life as an Undercover Cop

Download the entire interview . Listen to the first 16 minutes for the worksheet; continue with the rest if you are interested.
for no 7, p73 state verbs.

27th April

Listening: miscarriages of justice video.

Jigsaw reading: 3 articles about falsely accused people. Regroup and share stories and vocabulary.

Speaking part 3: Changing Lifestyles

p73 nos 7 & 8
See last week's homework.

20th April

Espionage and undercover policing

p73 No6 Stative verbs.

Read the article again and find examples of:
  • reported statement
  • conditional
  • past perfect
  • can

: read the note and do at least some of the online exercises, so that you get to practise this grammar area.

p73 Nos 7 & 8.

for no 7.

13th April

Good bad and ugly
Reading about critics of social media: gapfill, word formation, jigsaw reading, final section reading then short discussion.

  • A scientist talks about Mercury
  • Prof David Crystal talks about the influence of technology, especially the Internet, on English.

Reading & following exs. p74-5.
: read the note and do at least some of the online exercises, so that you get to practise this grammar area.

23rd March

Word formation after Bennie railplane listening. Discussion points.
Check words synonymous with change.
Old and new tech matching activity - vocab.

about what you think about technology.

Work in pairs and choose two of the texts; identify 2 main points per text; make notes from which to write an essay about tecnology.

Write essay about how technology has influenced our lives. Use the notes you made in class to summarize and evaluate the two short texts you chose, and give your own opinion.

: read the note and do at least some of the online exercises, so that you get to practise this grammar area.

16th March

Introduction to Emerald

Science & Technology

Look at these pictures

Lead in unit 7 p71, exs 1-5.

Lead in to song:

Extra materials
Discussion points (C5, Yikebike compared)
Bennie listening.
Look up words that are more or less synonymous with change.

This course becomes Emerald above this line

9th March

Returned module test.

Continued with the activity from last class: Bingo for missing words to make g-fill more exciting.

p42-3 reading & following activities.

Grammar pp46-8; complete for homework.

Borrowed words in English: origins and definitions to match together.

Work in pairs to complete part 3 of a practice exam and record conversations; send to me.
Grammar pp46-8; complete for homework.

This is the end of Peridot. The next module is Emerald.

2nd March

Module test, including reading and listening.

Activities referencing paragraphs, gap fill (bingo) [to be continued]
Please send me writing if you have not already done any. If you missed this lesson, you could do the test and send it to me. Email me for details.


As for the last module, I will send these to you individually. Please email me with a request for the report and I will attach it in a reply.

23rd February

p42-3 Reading.

p46-8 Grammar

Extra material: talking about paintings, listening & word formation

The myth of student intolerance; gapfill with negative prefixes.
Read the article again, record vocabulary and prepare a few short notes for feedback discussion next lesson.

16th February

What does the word family conjure up for you?

Vocab: close-knit, ruin, in harmony, source, prolong, artificially.

p46-8 Reading & Use of English.

9th February

Material from Objective Proficiency

Group jigsaw reading p84 groups answering different questions.
p85 Pidgin and Creole reading & multiple choice cloze.
Lead in: p88 speaking about globalisation.
Listening: 3 extracts

Writing Folder part 2 Article p90: developing a more varied written style.
Write the article no 7 p91.

2nd February

Introvert/Extrovert: first do the quiz, then watch the TED talk and complete the worksheet. Discuss your answers with a partner.

Pushy Parents: lead in discussion followed by jigsaw reading:

Group work on same text: identify main points and form own opinion on what the journalist says.
Regroup in pairs and tell new partner about the tetxt you read. Decide on you opinions on each text.

Answers to Rap Jumping article fronting exercise.

Answers to p36 No 11.
Write an essay about pushy parents, based on the two articles you read and discussed in class.

26th January

p36 Through no 10.

Contrastive Stress
Listening to examples then matching to meaning.

1I didn’t say we should kill him.  aI am denying saying it.
2I didn’t say we should kill him.  bWe should kill someone else.
3I didn’t say we should kill him.  cI said someone else should kill him /you should kill him
4I didn’t say we should kill him.  dI said we should take him to dinner /take care of him / send him on a diving holiday.
5I didn’t say we should kill him.  eI said we shouldn’t kill him / we must kill him
6I didn’t say we should kill him.  fSomeone else said we should kill him.
7I didn’t say we should kill himgI implied it / whispered it / wrote it down.

Pair work: make up a dialogue using one of the examples.

Speaking part 3, p40: recording results for me to assess.

p41 Describing behaviour, all exs.

p44 Listening

p36 No 11.

(Writing review)

focusing on emphatic style.

19th January

Explain these new words:
  1. selfie-stick
  2. showcase
  3. awesomesauce (and what's the opposite)
  4. hoverboard
  5. arrestle
  6. manspreading
  7. faux pas
  8. youtuber
  9. pocket dial (and the American version?)
  10. phablet
  11. lolz
  12. bezzy
  13. checkbox
  14. bingewatch

What was unusual about the Oxford Dictionary's word of the year?

Cockney Rhyming Slang

  1. How do you define a true Cockney?
  2. Who originally used Cockney rhyming slang, and why?
  3. When was it established?
  4. How does it work?
  5. What examples did she give?

Listening gap fill: interviews with Saoirse Ronan and Colm Tóibín

Listen again to the first part of Saoirse's interview to find out how to pronounce Colm Tóibín.

p38-9 Writing a review.
Write a review. Use the question on p39 or choose your own work of art to review.

12th January

Lead in: look at these and describe them. What ideas do they convey to you?

p32 Burne-Jones painting: talk about it, then listen to an art student talking about it, then look at the two pictures linked here and describe as much as you can.

Here is the poem, by Tennyson.

p33 Prefixes.

p34 lead in: listening.

p 34-5 Reading part 7.

Paranormal stories from Speaking and Reading Advanced: 3 groups read different stories and answer questions about unusual happenings and decide how plausible they are. Vocab activities.
p33 find words that collocate with the adjectives in 3.

Complete reading p34-5; vocab & grammar p36-7

5th January

Unit 3 Language & Culture
p31 exs 1-4

p 33 Use: word formation: Dickens and his world

Current slang words: match with definition.

Listening about how accents have changed over a relatively short time.

How the Queen's accent has changed: the 2017 Christmas message contains a brief extract of the first televised speech. You can hear similar differences to those highlighted in The Archers extracts.

in the UK and people's reaction to them. Open cloze and questions.


Speaking part 2 using these
See for details of the set literature texts for the next two years of CPE.


These are available on the Portal or from me. I can print these for next class, or if you email me I will send them to you.

This course now becomes Peridot above this line

15th December

Reading from Objective Proficiency A sense of humour from Bill Bryson's book; comprehension & idiomatic expressions.
Uses of have, get & go. Phrasal verbs, transformations.
Correcting mistakes.

Brendan Grace Mother-in-law.

Writing folder 8: Review of set texts.
See for details of the set literature texts for the next two years of CPE.

24th November

Progress test: vocabuary sections done as a class activity, then listening, use of English and reading individually.

Brendan Grace, the American in Ireland; listening.

Brainstorming article writing.

Write the article p69-70.

Please note that the NEXT TWO FRIDAYS are public holidays, so the final Jade class is 15th December.

17th November

Article writing p69-70 exs 1-5.

Speaking activities: Conversation halves; find the other half of your conversation and continue it with partner; record.

Pairs speak about a topic with some words which they must not use; rest of class guesses what those words are.

Groups of 3 or 4: each person has some discourse marker words and a topic to talk about for 2 minutes (part 3 of speaking exam). Also record these for me to give feedback.

p70 ex 6.

Write an article. See pp69-70.

10th November

Grammar p65-6 relative pronouns and reduced relative clauses.
Write sentences and look at others’ to see if you can shorten or correct them;
Obj Prof unit 14 workbook material: Listening, grammar (prepositions and articles).
Use of English (transformation and word formation)

Note uncountable nouns: research, news, advice, information, flu, fruit (not always)
p66 vocab expressions with sport
Listen again to the recording from today and do ex 2 of the .
Do the vocab activities from the handout (4 and 5).

There will be a short test in week 9 (24th Nov) in the form of exam type materials based on the themes covered in this module. This is not a pass/fail test, but simply to give you an idea of how well you cope with the material at this stage.

3rd November

"Thank you for smoking" trailer from the film. Gap fill.
Material from Objective Proficiency: Reading part 7 and listening .
Words that are verbs & other parts of speech.
Write own sentences using words that can be verbs as well as other parts of speech.

27th October

Unit 6 p61. Listening; individuals look up expressions in ex5. Ex6, using some of the expressions.
Reading p62-3.
P64 Lead in images in part 2 type speaking activity.
p65 grammar

20th October

Explanation of the for the starter activity, which was matching the first word to the last in the pair, and deciding which preposition links them. Make sentences using the pairs.

from bk4 paper2 (old past papers); developing reading strategy activity.

Fear from Discussions A-Z Advanced.

Nobody needs a gun from Taboos and issues.
Given out: Unusual vocabulary and alternative ways of saying phrases; notes about writing. (Ask me for a copy next lesson if you were absent).

13th October

Think of dangerous situations, write down a short description on a piece of paper, then pass to person next to you. Write your advice to someone in that situation. After 2 or 3 of these, regroup and share ideas about what you think.

Through homework (grammar and vocabulary).

p55 Listening part 3.


Choose one of the topics from the writing activity during the lesson. Summarize and evaluate both texts and give your own opinion. Write 240-280 words.

6th October

Dangerous Jobs: lead in activity talking about pictures of dangerous jobs.

p51 Ranking activities in order of how much they shorten life.
Listening, vocab ex.
p52 Reading MC. Use of thesaurus to extend vocabulary.
p53 Vocabulary & grammar nº4.
p58 Speaking part 3.
Research words that mean different kinds of look, eg glance, glimpse.

p53-4 Vocabulary and grammar.

29th September

Write 250-300 words about the subject of the nanny state. Use the three articles that we read in class, and summarize what they say. Give your own opinion too.

Literature set texts

January 2018 – December 2019 the set books are:

Colm Tóibín: (any edition)
You may study the film directed by John Crowley (2015) as well as, or instead of, the novel.

M.L. Stedman: (any edition)
You may study the film directed by Derek Cianfrance (2016) as well as, or instead of, the novel.

Please let me know if you are interested in either or both of these books. I will cover these in class if there is sufficient interest, and or organize short meetings for you to come and discuss these books.

Why do this?

It gives you another part 2 question to answer in the Writing paper. As CPE students you need to be reading as much as you can, and these books deal with ideas that you can talk about in small groups, improving your range of vocabulary as well as enjoying the intellectual challenge.

The discussion does not presuppose an extensive knowledge of literary criticism, but expects a similar calibre of writing as if you were answering one of the other part 2 writing questions.

This is a collection of material not directly connected with the course, but which you may find interesting. Please let me know if you find further material that I might add.

This is a collection of material not directly connected with the course, but which you may find interesting. Please let me know if you find further material that I might add.



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