Lesson & Homework

Breiner Friday 17:30 - 20:30

Updated 7th December 2018

Books: Proficency Masterclass (OUP); English Vocabulary in Use (Advanced) (CUP); also highly recommended: Advanced Grammar in Use (CUP). The last two are avalable as if you prefer.

Covered in the Lesson


7th December

Complete gapped saentences about yourself; work in groups of 3 and say only the words you have added to a sentence; the others guess which sentence it is.

Kahoot quiz about Christmas, followed by 2 others on similar themes.

Matching two halves of a short phrase (collocation).
This is the end of Amber. Next class is Ruby, starting 4th January.

30th November

Birdwatching in Delhi

Matching discourse management phrases to use in speaking exam. Then do the following task:

Pages 29-30 Essay writing preparation.

Returned feedback from speaking last week.

23rd November

Speaking Test

Answers to test last week.
Speaking test, recording.
Mini debates.
Paragraph gap fill reading.

16th November

Reading & Listening Tests taken from past CPE papers.

Continuation of the short debate topics started last week.
Choose two texts from the and an write essay, summarizing and evaluating the two short texts and adding your own opinion.

Write 280-320 words.

9th November

Our tomorrows:
Complete .
Individual short talks about controversial subjects (to be continued next class).
How would you organise a campaign to stop clothes companies pouring toxic waste into rivers? Work in groups of 4.

Running Dictation activity: pairs; find information on sheets in the corridor.

Write 100 words about industrial pollution. The class is divided half and half to write for and against, ie reasons why industry has to carry on polluting, and reasons why it should not pollute at all.

Please send via wetransfer.com or use this

2nd November

p17 MC options; work in pairs and choose a question; find examples of each of the 4 words in use and post

  1. How has agriculture contributed to global warming?
  2. Why were aerosols banned in the 1970s?
  3. Which is the most powerful greenhouse gas?

p24-6 reading & following exs. See for work on exs 5 & 9.
Choose a controversial topic and prepare notes to talk for about 5 minutes.
Write your own sentences using the words in ex6 (and possibly ex9).
You could also find an article that interests you to use as a paragraph gap-fill task.

26th October

Biometrics: reading, listening, jigsaw reading

Answers to homework.

Unit 2 Our Environment: exs 1-4
Article with questions: Beyond Fingerprinting

19th October

p18 Nº4 idomatic uses of help & give.

Jigsaw reading: 3 articles about different people and places; regroup to tell new group about the article you read and any new language.



p19 Nºs 1-4.
p20 Nº 5

12th October

Homework answers.

Pollution by Tom Lehrer

Jigsaw reading: Former businessman lives on no money for a year and The man who lives without money.

Paragraph gapfill: How I lived by spending nothing for two years

What would you most miss if you went off grid like Mark Boyle. In groups make a list of the three most essential things you would miss.

What sort of person is Mark?

Environment pt 3 speaking tasks.

Write 4 favourite words and phrases from the lesson so far. [These go in a vocab box for future activities]

p17 Talk about the pictures, then MC Northern Light.

p18 listening.

You have chosen one of these to make notes for a two-minute presentation to the class next lesson.
Nº7 google Lucy Gavaghan.

Write a 300-word article about Mark Boyle's money-free life. What are the pros and cons? What do you think of his ideas?

28th September

Students make recordings of suggestions for a tourist destination.

Reading p12-3.
p.12: 1-4 done. p14: 8 & 9 done.




Obed Ramotswe
Complete activities on p14-15, nos 5, 6, 7; 12-15.

Listening gap fill: interviews with Saoirse Ronan and Colm Tóibín

Listen again to the first part of Saoirse's interview to find out how to pronounce Colm Tóibín.

Literature set texts

January 2018 – December 2019 the set books are:

Colm Tóibín: (any edition)
You may study the film directed by John Crowley (2015) as well as, or instead of, the novel.

M.L. Stedman: (any edition)
You may study the film directed by Derek Cianfrance (2016) as well as, or instead of, the novel.

Please let me know if you are interested in either or both of these books. I will cover these in class if there is sufficient interest, and or organize short meetings for you to come and discuss these books.

Why do this?

It gives you another part 2 question to answer in the Writing paper. As CPE students you need to be reading as much as you can, and these books deal with ideas that you can talk about in small groups, improving your range of vocabulary as well as enjoying the intellectual challenge.

The discussion does not presuppose an extensive knowledge of literary criticism, but expects a similar calibre of writing as if you were answering one of the other part 2 writing questions.

This is a collection of material not directly connected with the course, but which you may find interesting. Please let me know if you find further material that I might add.

This is a collection of material not directly connected with the course, but which you may find interesting. Please let me know if you find further material that I might add.



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