This listening material covers a range of topics, some of which should be of interest to you.

UK accents by native speakers.
Emma Watson's speech to the UN introducing the HeForShe campaign.
This Orient Isle. England's relations with the Muslim world were far more extensive, and often more amicable, than we have ever appreciated, and their influence was felt across the political, commercial and domestic landscape of Elizabethan England.
Artificial Intelligence: various programmes on the topic.
BBC programme The Verb: intriguing aspects of language.
The 'arse that Jack Built. Ian McMillan goes on a quest to find one of Britain's strangest linguistic features.
Why I Changed My Mind, a series of interviews about controversial topics and people who changed their views on those topics.
The reunion: the Maastricht Treaty. Former Ministers, backbench rebels and government advisors join Sue MacGregor to recall the dramas of the Maastricht Treaty negotiations.
Digital Human: various programmes about the different ways our lives are affected by computer technology.
From our Own Correspondent: insight, wit and analysis from BBC correspondents, journalists and writers from around the world.
From our Home Correspondent. In the first programme of a new series, Mishal Husain introduces dispatches from journalists and writers around the UK who reflect the range of contemporary life in the country.
The Untold: Unusual situations revealed.
More or less: topics such as The Most Profitable Product in History, EU Migration, Brexit Numbers, Celebrity Deaths, Fathers and Babies, The Great EU Cabbage Myth, Selfies, Sugar Daddies and Dodgy Surveys, E-cigarettes: Can They Help People Quit?, How Harmful Is Alcohol?, Billionaires v the World.
Brendan Grace, an Irish commedian:
Brendan Grace, an Irish commedian: