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26th November

for today's lesson.

24th November

Make a poster for someone your age to help them be healthy

19th November

In case you had technical problems, here is the material from the lesson, including the song and the Powerpoint:

12th November

10th November

5th November

Download the

3rd November

Download this .

15th October

Use as we continue this lesson.


Write a brochure about your neighbourhood, or invent a fictional neighbourhood if you prefer.
Your brochure should include:
  • The name of your neighbourhood
  • A picture or drawing to show what your neighbourhood looks like
  • A description of your neighbourhood
  • A famous landmark in your area. (you can invent one!)
  • Information about transport
  • Information about the best attractions and things to do
  • Information about the best places to eat

You can use pictures or draw them yourself. Look up information on the Internet. Keep it short but interesting.

13th October

8th October

Paper slides.

Check this out if you like singing.

Writing: download this and write about a city.
right click: open in Word
right click: open in Acrobat Reader

6th October

1st October

Write 4 things about the place you looked at on Google maps.

29th September

. I expect you know most of this, but a quick look until 2:30 in the video will help.

For online:
  • My camera/microphone is not working.
  • My Internet connection is not good today.
  • Could you write that in the chat window?