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Lesson Material


15th June

8th June

1st June

Magazine p9 nºs 9 & 10.

25th May

Magazine p6-8, nºs 1-8.

Grammar note on
Learning Hub Section 4, nº3 making inferences

Also do nº1 to revisit the listening with a different task.

Section 2 nº2 & 4.

18th May

Do the Learning hub section 1 nºs 2 & 3.

11th May

Eco resorts.
Questions about resorts.
Kahoot present simple question forms.
Youtubers: camper van trip.

4th May

Magazine p6-9.
Complete nº4 p6; nº6 p7 "Look at the time words..."

Do this work on future tenses:

Complete these statements with the future continuous:
  • This time tomorrow, I will be...
  • This summer, I will be...
  • In ten years time, I will be...
  • When I am fifty, I will be...

27th April

Magazine 4 & 5.

Please see Padlet for returned writing notes from last week.

20th April

pictures of SriLanka



Read and listen at the same time.

Good and bad things about a holiday:
and write on the diagram.
Magazine p2 nºs 1-4

Answer to nº3: statement 3.

Homework: do nº7 on p3 of the magazine.

30th March

16th March

Recipe Rap

9th March

Learning hub section 5.

23rd February

Magazine page 6-7

Videos about 2 national dishes.
Write instructions for a favourite Portuguese recipe. 200 words.

16th February

Magazine p4-5


Nº12 p5 of the magazine. Writing; upload to padlet or bring to next lesson.

Write 100-150 words

9th February

A Fusion of Flavours

both x and y
either x or y
neither x nor y

Board work:

board work board work
To log on, ask your parents to find the email that was sent at the start of January giving log on information.

Learning Hub section 1 part 1 reading. (There are different questions for the text we read in the magazine.)

Learning Hub section 1 part 4 writing. What do you usually have for breakfast?

5th January

Strange But True
This lesson is online. Please go to the and sign in under the my classes tab.

Learning hub tasks 2, 3 & 4.

Send the writing using the link on the learning hub.


Some of you have asked about reading material. We all have different tastes and interests, so this web site may be one of the best recommendations.

Choose your age group and see what books they have. If using Amazon go to the as it is in the EU and you pay in euros. The Kindle books there are much cheaper than on the USA Amazon site, which the links from Read Brightly will take you to. Set the language to English if it tries to translate the title into German.

If you go to you may find an audio book recording, and you can listen and read at the same time, which can help improve your reading skills. You use the same sign in as for Amazon.

15th December

Christmas activities

24th November

Magazine pages 6-9

Write 100 words about how we must care for animals, and what the advantages of doing this are. Use language from pages 2-5 in the magazine.
Listening page 8-9, Tasks 8-10:

p10 Task 12 write a fact file about an animal you choose. Here is an to help you.

17th November

Magazine p4-5.

Present your own arguments about zoos.
Prepare presentations of animals you adopted using short notes ready for next lesson.

Practise the presentation about adopted animals for next lesson.

10th November

Big or Small, Protect them all
Guess the animal, then make your own animal, and ask questions to find out what each other's animal is.
Magazine p2-3, all tasks.
Collective nouns for different animals:

Prepare a short presentation about the animal you will adopt.
Research, but remember to use your own words.
If you missed the lesson look at the learning hub (see purple tab at the top of this page) and watch section 1 part 1 Video. Do tasks on page 2 of the

Sign in to learning hub with username PT****** (your student number), choose secondary+ then Big and Small...

3rd November

27th October

Present inventions to the class

20th October

Create a billboard. You can base it on the inventions you wrote and spoke about, or introduce some new ones.

Magazine page 9, task 10. Use the Internet to look up the answers.

Crossword on p12.

13th October

Interview with a young inventor.

Interview each other about your inventions and record the conversation.

6th October

Vocabulary from last lesson; jigsaw crossword:

Read these questions, then watch the trailer and answer them:
  1. What has been extraordinary about David Attenborough’s life?
  2. What have human beings done?
  3. What good news does he have?
  4. If we don’t act what will happen?
  5. What must we do?

Earthshot interview:
  1. What is the Earthshot Prize?
  2. Where did the idea come from?
  3. How many prizes are there?
  4. What are they?
  5. How many years will this happen?
  6. What does Prince William say?
  7. How many people did you recognise in the interviews?

Answer questions 6 & 7 after watching the Earthshot video again.

Learn the vocabulary from ex 9 p5

Write what you think of one of the inventions (you spoke about these in the lesson). See ex10 in the magazine.

The full film is called A Life on our Planet.

Ask your parents if you can watch this documentary on Netflix. You can set the language to Portuguese if you like. You can also listen in English but add Portuguese subtitles.

29th September

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Check spelling of any words you are not sure of.

Spend about 15 minutes on this: