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The Reading Challenge

...is now over. I hope you enjoyed reading some new material.

Lesson Material


16th June

that I have marked.

9th June

Please send your reading challenge pdf to Padlet.

2nd June

26th May

See returned writing and speaking feedback on Padlet.

Tasks on pp2 & 3.
Writing a Story
on an unusual treasure hunt.

19th May

Why English?

Look at the work you did last week and follow the instructions on the Padlet page.

Choose two of these to do over the next month: list of tasks

12th May

What is shown on the front page of the new magazine?
Which scientific research discipline is used to find out about this?

Find out about archeological sites in Portugal.

5th May

Work done in class:
  • Problems and solutions running a hotel
  • Eco-friendly accommodation in Kenya
  • Identify different ideas in text
  • Identify use of future simple & continuous.
Complete the sentences on p10 of this Powerpoint and bring to next lesson:

Revise this:

Do this work on future tenses:

28th April

Magazine pp6-9

21st April

homework answers

Class work on screen.

14th April

pictures of SriLanka



Read and listen at the same time.

Good and bad things about a holiday:
and write on the diagram.
Magazine p2 nºs 1-4

Answer to nº3: statement 3.

Homework: do nº7 on p3 of the magazine.

17th March

Materials on Padlet

10th March

3rd March

Look at ex 6 p7 of the magazine, and match the words in bold to these categories:


example: urbanisation - noun

Use this table to write in the words, and add more as you learn them:

24th February

Lead in Crossword: Use Acrobat Reader to write on these files

for you to revise

10th February

The lesson materials are on the
We covered pages 2 & 3 of the magazine.

You can download the magazine
Write 50-100 words about the animal you talked about in groups at the end of the lesson.


3rd February

Please see for today's materials.

27th January

Please see for today's materials.

Designing a restaurant.

Group work talking about what makes a good place to eat; listening; Kahoot to get the answers; reading abut 3 unusual restaurants.

Group work preparing a spoken presentation about a restaurant they design.
Complete the presentation (communicate during the week) and be ready to speak to the class next lesson.

20th January

Complete and present weird foods.
pp4-5 in magazine: Listening, reading & speaking.
Group work: plan a menu for tourists.
Learning Hub Section 3

13th January

Complete menu presentations.

6th January

Look at the grammar page, then do the exercise:

9th December

2nd December

Do the activities on this site.

25th November

Lesson covered by a colleague, as I have to isolate due to COVID-19
Please refer to to upload homework abut a famous person, and download it when I have seen it.

18th November

Revision of superstitions: quiz, listening (p4)
Some famous people and their superstitions.
Poster showing and explaining superstitions from different countries. Used zero conditional for talking about superstitions.
Research an interesting famous person and write 4 pieces of information about them.

11th November

Puzzle stories (lateral thinking)
Common superstitions. Grammar: infinitive + to & gerund. How these 2 can be used in sentences.
Only 6 students today due to Maths olympiad, so no homework set.

4th November

Interview presentation. Completed last magazine.
Record the interview you prepared during the last two weeks.

14th October

Read these questions, then watch the trailer and answer them:
  1. What has been extraordinary about David Attenborough’s life?
  2. What have human beings done?
  3. What good news does he have?
  4. If we don’t act what will happen?
  5. What must we do?

Earthshot interview:
  1. What is the Earthshot Prize?
  2. Where did the idea come from?
  3. How many prizes are there?
  4. What are they?
  5. How many years will this happen?
  6. What does Prince William say?
  7. How many people did you recognise in the interviews?

Answer questions 6 & 7 after watching the Earthshot video again.

Learn the vocabulary from ex 9 p5

The full film is called A Life on our Planet.

Ask your parents if you can watch this documentary on Netflix. You can set the language to Portuguese if you like. You can also listen in English but add Portuguese subtitles.

7th October

Check spelling of any words you are not sure of.

You could also look at this, if you have time.