Lesson & Homework

Extra Material used in the Lesson


14th October

Read these questions, then watch the trailer and answer them:
  1. What has been extraordinary about David Attenborough’s life?
  2. What have human beings done?
  3. What good news does he have?
  4. If we don’t act what will happen?
  5. What must we do?

Earthshot interview:
  1. What is the Earthshot Prize?
  2. Where did the idea come from?
  3. How many prizes are there?
  4. What are they?
  5. How many years will this happen?
  6. What does Prince William say?
  7. How many people did you recognise in the interviews?

Answer questions 6 & 7 after watching the Earthshot video again.

Learn the vocabulary from ex 9 p5

The full film is called A Life on our Planet.

Ask your parents if you can watch this documentary on Netflix. You can set the language to Portuguese if you like. You can also listen in English but add Portuguese subtitles.

7th October

Check spelling of any words you are not sure of.

You could also look at this, if you have time.