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Updated 23rd November 2022

Download the magazine from this site. : useful links to complement the magazine.
Use to open and write on pdf files.
Use MS Word or or to open .doc and .docx files.
Brainpower Going for Gold

Covered in the Lesson


23rd November

Magazine pages 6 & 7

Download Canva
Research ideas for the sport you have chosen, so that you can work with your group next lesson.

16th November

Material for Colombian class.

Magazine pages 4 & 5: Language in Action

Do tasks on p4-5. For task 7

Only do this if you are confident about using comparative and superlative:
7. WRITE A SHORT TEXT magazine p5 using the notes you made in class.

Write either this, or the writing from last lesson and upload to Padlet.

9th November

Look up these words in an online dictionary, then read either text A or B on p2 of the magazine. Do page 3 nºs 1-8.

Write a short proposal (150–180 words) for a project in your area using ideas you discussed in activity 7.

2nd November

Connecting Cultures
Our partner class is in Colombia. Let's think of some questions to ask the students in that class about their lives there. Think of things they might like to know about Portugal.

Four Opinions Debate: either Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree with the following statements. Discuss and debate; justify your view with examples and personal experiences if possible.

Record a video of yourself asking the questions you have prepared for the class in Colombia. Use Padlet for direct recording or upload the file from your device, whichever is easiest.

Learning hub section 5: choose one of tha tasks and upload it to the padlet.

26th October

Learning hub Section 4 nºs 2 & 3.

Hallowe'en Party

This will take place on Saturday 29th October in the Breiner centre in Porto. More details x

19th October

Group work

Learning hub section 2 all tasks. These are self-study exercises. Ask any questions next lesson if you have difficulties.

12th October

Download Mind map
Choose your brain map template:

Crossword Answers
Learning hub section 1, nºs 1-3. These are self-study tasks and the answers show up when you have finished. If you have any questions ask me next class.
Please check your computer sound and video before next lesson. It is important that others in the class can hear and see you clearly. (You can use a smartphone of your computer sound/video is not working well). Make sure your face is in the camera frame. Try calling friend to see that it all works before next lesson.

Please also ensure that you have downloaded Acrobat Reader and Open/Libre Office if you do not have MicroSoft Word. Then you can work on documents during the class.

Paint or another graphic/picture program is also possible. I can make files jpeg, png for example.

28th September

First of all, do this

Magazine pages 1-3: reading and discussion.
Prepare for next lesson.
Look again at Different and write a sentence or two about your own learning style. Upload to Padlet and add your name.