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Breiner Saturday 10:00 - 12:45

Updated 17th June 2022

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Covered in the Lesson


18th June

Finding Solutions to World Hunger

Magazine p6-7

11th June

No lesson to day; final lesson 18th June.
Could you try this site and let me know if it is helpful?

4th June

Magazine p4-5 Eating insects.

Debate: This house believes that everyone should be vegetarian.
Think about your reflection statement and write on the portal:
Sign in with your student number and password Porto123, which you should change once you have done that. The statement can be added in the report as nº4.

Please do this by Thursday, as the site will be locked after that.

28th May


Talk to each other for a minute about food (speed dating type activity).
Prepare own questions on small pieces of paper.
Finally look at some part 3 speaking tasks to practise (shown on Powerpoint).
Please complete this about the Connecting Cultures exchange with the class in Poland.

School tests permitting...if you write the homework from last week, please upload it to Padlet. If you are taking the exam soon, it would be a good idea to do this.

21st May

Kahoot food facts.

Completed food fact files from last lesson.

Speaking part 2 practice.

Magazine p9-10 reading & exs 4-6.

Answers to ex 6:
  1. The average American eats 120 kg of meat each year, primarily chicken, beef and pork.
  2. Protein is responsible for metabolic reactions in the human body. Put more simply, we need protein for growth and repair.
  3. Increasing numbers of people are choosing not to eat meat and fish, chiefly for ethical and environmental reasons.
  4. All the ingredients are synthetic. In simple terms, that means no animals were hurt or killed to make the dish.

Talk to partner about the graph to prepare for homework task.
ex 10 p10 magazine. Use input:
For those who missed the Test 8 listening:

If you are taking the exam this summer, it would be a good idea to do Test 7. If you bring writing next week, or upload it to the Padlet, I can mark it for you.

Test 7 listening:

14th May

You would find BBC World TV Follow the Food relevant to this topic.

If you were absent


7th May

Test 8

Speaking (as people arrive)

Reading and Use of English


Reading Use
qu.1- 8 marks qu.2- 8 marks
qu.5- 12 marks qu.3- 8 marks
qu.6- 12 marks qu.4- 12 marks
qu.7- 10 marks
Total 42 Total 28
Divide your marks by total and multiply by 100 for percentage.
If you have time between school tests at the moment, test 8 writing.

30th April

Connecting Cultures: Videos for Polish class.
Green test book: Complete Test 1 and do test 2 Reading and Use of English.

23rd April

Enrol now for the June FCE exam.

Project: Magazine p6-7

Learning hub section 3, tasks 2 & 3

which shows what is necessary before learning can take place.

2nd April

Magazine p4-5.

Learning hub section 2 nºs 2 & 3.

Make notes on your school system:
  1. Make a list of problems facing your school.
  2. Choose the top three most urgent problems.
  3. Make notes on what different people could do to solve these three problems. Think about students, teachers, parents and the government.

Answers to nº5; we did it in class as a transformation exercise:
  1. It is always hard for me to find my way around new cities.
  2. It is even harder to fit into a new culture if you don’t know the language.
  3. It was easy for me to make friends due to my friendly personality. / Due to my friendly personality I made friends easily.
  4. School exchanges have so many advantages.
  5. It is good that you take education seriously, Matt.
  6. Punishments really work for students.
How a single photograph can tell the wrong story:

Do the first two exams in the green exam practice book.
Verbs with one syllable, eg get, fit, put.

Double the t, so fit ➝ fitting, get ➝ getting, put ➝ putting


Because the sound before the t changes.

Another example of this spelling rule: filing / filling

Phrasal verb: fit in with / fit in to
Exam information

26th March

Magazine p1-3.
Compound Nouns:

crime scene investigator
investigador criminal

bus stop
paragem de autocarro

Harry’s father
o pai do Harry

These students are 15 years old
They are 15-year-old students

This is an example of an adjective and noun:
uncertain future

This is an example of a compound noun (gerund+noun):
learning experience

Except for possession (Harry's...), an apostrophe shows that letter(s) have been left out:

it is ➝ it’s
its = belongs to it
(This is an exception to the possessive rule.)

Plurals of abbreviations:
NGOs    CDs    the 1960s

There is no apostrophe, as nothing is left out: simply add an -s to make a noun plural.
Learning hub section 1 nº2 compound nouns.

Write about another cause; group work. Use learning hub section 1 nº3 for help with language to add purpose.
Exam practice book Test 1 Reading and Use of English.

19th March

Introduction to the connecting cultures

Famous scientists & women in science.
For reference:

12th March

Vocabulary revision group competition: one person in each group does not see the word, and the others give clues.

5th March

[ ]

Completed summaries, and regrouped to speak about them. Then gave feedback to others in the group and wrote self assessment.

Reading challenge: you need to give me entires before 19th March.
You want to help the British Council increase awareness of the need for diversity and inclusion.
Choose a diversity celebration.
Discuss why it’s important.
Discuss when and how it would be celebrated by staff, students and parents at the British Council.
Clearly explain the purpose of your diversity celebration and how it would raise awareness of diversity within the British Council.
Give clear information about the timing and logistics of the event.
Explain how teachers, students and parents could get involved.
Use convincing language to engage the audience.

Write c.200 words

19th February

Peer Assessment of presentations

[If you are online, these versions of the grid may be more convenient ]

Order answers
Finish writing the summary of the story you worked on at the end of the class.
Complete the essay about fashion if not already handed in.
Check that you can log into the Learning Hub.

12th February

Learning hub My Story section 1 tasks 1-3.

Ensure your notes are ready to give a presentation next class.

5th February

Completed survey and each group presented.

Last page pf the magazine: QR code links &
Revision: do tasks on the learning hub that you have not already completed.

8th January

This lesson is online. Please go to the and sign in under the my classes tab.
Lesson covered in my absence.


Some of you have asked about reading material. We all have different tastes and interests, so this web site may be one of the best recommendations.

Choose your age group and see what books they have. If using Amazon go to the as it is in the EU and you pay in euros. The Kindle books there are much cheaper than on the USA Amazon site, which the links from Read Brightly will take you to. Set the language to English if it tries to translate the title into German.

If you go to you may find an audio book recording, and you can listen and read at the same time, which can help improve your reading skills. You use the same sign in as for Amazon.

11th December

Christmas songs and carols with activities.

Paul Jennings Strap Box Flyer
Learning Hub

4th December

Ask questions about other groups' ideas, then plan presentations.

Present ideas to the class. Vote on the best presentation.

27th November

Magazine p4 tasks 1-4.

Business Terminology

Complete the search for a teen entrepreneur to focus on. Answer the questions in nº2 p6 for this entrepreneur.

: use this to search for useful links connected with this magazine.

20th November

Discussion about the ever,
then look at Chindogu.

Think up your own weird invention.

Practice Tests Plus: Report p18 nº4
Suggestions on p164

13th November

Magazine 2: Teens mean Business
Different generations; sources of conflict and misunderstanding, and negative stereotyping.

Watch the video and complete notes:

Complete the

The has more information.

We used the to find out individual aptitudes for making up teams. See the Padlet for the team members.
Learning Hub: section 1, parts 1-4.

Let me know via the Padlet or by email if you haven't a password for this.

6th November

COP26 activities

Download worksheet & if you prefer:

Interview a Villain

Invent an interview with a villain and record it; upload to padlet.
Practice Tests Plus p74 reading.
Upload recording if you have not already done so.

30th October

No lesson this day.
Do this activity. All files are in the zip archive:

23rd October

. Task handed out in lesson.


Unsung heroes reading (handout in class).

Exam reading task p36-7

16th October

Magazine p4

Watch these two video clips to get more information about the 2 people:

We listened to the debates from the previous week. What was good about these speeches, and how could they be improved?
Write a leaflet (100 words) about 3 or 4 ways that heroes are recognized.

9th October

Grammar revision

Reading: magazine p2-3

Listening: Practice Tests Plus, test 1 question 2, p21.

Debate: procedure for formal debating; topics to debate in groups; record the debate; self evaluation.
Write an article about a teen hero. Say what they have achieved, what they lave had to overcome in their life, and why you think they are a hero.
Write 140-190 words
a Powerpoint about dyslexia.
has examples of verbs followed by prepositions. These are not phrasal verbs; the prepostions do not affect the meaning of the verb; just link it to other parts of the sentence.

30th September

Mr Bean open cloze (given out in class)