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Updated 15th June 2024

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This page will remain here until early September. If you need help with writing, please contact me via padlet.

15th June

Shake Shack Answers
Shakespeare answers
Reading List

8th June

Debates on a range of topics; teams take either side of the argument.

1st June


Board game questions:

Magazine p4-5

Nº2 & 3

Listen again to the first track. Think about this:

Mary sounds more convincing because she uses assertive language and quotes evidence, but does this mean that her arguments are correct? What could Harry have done to argue more effectively? Research Harry’s side of the argument and decide how Harry could have put his arguments more effectively.

Make some notes and bring them to the next lesson.

25th May

Assessed Task for this magazine
Participate in a debate about a controversial scientific issue.
Can-do: I can formulate a convincing argument and respond to questions, comments and complex counterarguments fluently, spontaneously and appropriately.

Magazine p6-7

18th May

Three articles:

Magazine p2-3 Reading: feeding the world
Answers to language for film trailers

11th May

Complete story and prepare and present storyboard

Reading answers


AM and PM are Latin words that are used to refer time. AM and PM are the abbreviated terms for Ante Meridiem and Post Meridiem respectively. The initial 12-hour period which lasts from midnight to noon is designated with AM while the next 12-hour period which lasts from noon to midnight is designated with PM.

4th May

Magazine p6-7

Although listening tracks are embedded in the Powerpoint, they do not always work, so here they are:

Questions 1 & 2

Questions 3 & 4

Questions 5 & 6

Magazine p6 listening:

27th April

Reading Part 6, p.104-105

Magazine p4-5

Listening 1 The Sound of Thunder

Listening 2 The Tale of Gelert

Send your descriptions from the Now you Try section of the Creating a Character handout to Padlet.

20th April

Use of English Part 2, p.119

Find someone who read the other story for homework and tell each other your story from the updated notes you made.

Read the rest of the account and do the tasks.

13th April

Read the story you have the notes for and reduce them to minimal size.

Reading & Use marks per task

15th March

Academic English


Interview with Tracey Costley

1.One area that Tracey believes is a difficulty for students when it comes to academic language is that it can often be quite intimidating for people and they don't feel like they should be speaking or writing in these formal ways.

2.Tracey suggests approaching the use of academic language in the classroom by encouraging people to feel comfortable with that language and building on the language that students come into the classroom with, rather than saying that their language is wrong and needs to be replaced.

3. There is a binary or tension often between academic language and general language that is often unnecessary. She suggests understanding where students are coming from in terms of their language use and how people within different disciplines or subject areas are talking about these things, and that this type of language is a choice.

4.Tracey believes it is important to understand where students are coming from in terms of their language use in order to build on that and help them feel comfortable with academic language, rather than making them feel like their language is not good enough or appropriate.

5.Tracey suggests approaching the task of using academic language in terms of assessment or external requirements by making adjustments and understanding the language requirements of the task at hand, rather than trying to replace the students' language with academic language.

More information about
Next lesson April 13th

9th March

Magazine p.4-5.
Listen up to 3m 11s, then the rest of the interview; and finally the whole interview again:

Answers to p4-5

Listen again to the interview and follow the transcript:

The proposed alternative alphabet for English:

An example of a book showing the space saved by the alternative script

2nd March

For those who were not at class today:

Write a to a possible donor to the cause you presented.

24th February

To mark World Wildlife Day and to raise awareness about this date, we are running a writing competition. The deadline for their submissions is the 16th of March. This is to be done outside class time.
More information

Magazine p6-7.

17th February

The assessed task for this magazine is: Plan a crowdfunding campaign and write a letter requesting backing.

Car Boot Sale

Paperclip to House

Kyle's latest Project

Cases for you to decide

3rd February

Match these phrases to make sentences:

Crime Idioms Answers

If you were not at the lesson on 27th January, please record yourself speaking and upload to Padlet.

Here are the and the

27th January

Debate about surveillance.

Exam listening part 3

Essay plan; download the document and complete. Choose most convenient doc type

20th January

Magazine p6 Prepare to read.

Work in a group of 2 or 3 and ask each other these questions:

Magazine p6-7 nºs 2-5.

Gap fill
Gap fill answers

13th January

Input 1


Input 2
Magazine p4 nº3

Take a photo of your review notes on Plurality from the lesson and upload to Padlet.

Over the next two weeks, try to do the Reading and Use of English and the Listening. You can also do some writing if you are thinking of taking the exam soon.

6th January

Dystopian Literature
Magazine p2-3

We read the start of 1984, then half the class read the start of Brave New World, and the other half the start of Fahrenheit 451. We discussed the questions. It would be an idea to read these once again during the week.

We then did the debate questions; different groups researched the topics and reported what the had found.

Do 5 & 6 on page 3 of the magazine. See slide 13 of the Powerpoint, which we looked at in the lesson. Do the same for one or both of the other texts.

Podcast about 1984

Link to the video summary

The Guardian is an editorially independent newspaper

Enter this in the browser address field and sustitute XXXXXX with your first name.
Please get in touch via Padlet if this does not work.

9th December

Benjamin Zephaniah: Talkng Turkeys

Christmas Carols and Songs


Connecting Cultures videos of Slovakian class and response.

2nd December

Please copy this link, then paste into the browser; put your name before the .pdf in the file name. and the same here:
The British Council would like you to complete a survey about Connecting Cultures:

  • What did I learn from my partner classmates?
  • What are the differences and similarities between our countries?
  • What else would I like to find out more about?
  • What would I do differently next time?
  • Do I feel more confident using my English skills to communicate now?
  • Do I feel more motivated to develop my English skills?
  • Things I would like to share with my family and friends?

The survey is

25th November

18th November

Research one of the controversial pieces of art and give a short presentation.
Last week's homework:
For this task, use the answer sheet on the other side of the listening task from the lesson. It is if you missed the lesson. For each pair, one picture is really a piece of art, and one is not. Decide which is which for each pair.

11th November

Comedy. A brief look at what makes situations funny.

Presenting results of happiness survey.


Talk to each other about art and your own views.

talks about modern art. Complete listening
For this task, use the answer sheet on the other side of the listening task from the lesson. It is if you missed the lesson. For each pair, one picture is really a piece of art, and one is not. Decide which is which for each pair.

4th November

Remembrance Day, also known as Veterans' Day

from today.

Ensure your survey presentation is ready for next week's class.

21st October

: various language points which come up frequently in writing.

Project: formulate questions to ask people to find out about their mental health.
Example Brochures

Corrected thank-you letters are on Padlet.

Don't forget to upload work from the lesson.

Ask a reasonable sample of people your questions for the research project.

14th October

Magazine p4-5

Group work: happiness manifesto.

Magazine p5 nº6 Look at language

Study Skills:

Top of the World answers

7th October

Magazine page 2-3.


Project planning.
Complete the ilustrated thank you letter based on the model in the handout that you started in class. For this task, 80-100 words are enough: make every word count.

30th September

Llareggub read by Richard Burton.
Listening test 6 part 4

Complete the writing you made notes for in class. This is an article or story.

Write 220 - 260 words