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Updated 24th November 2022

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Covered in the Lesson


24th November

Check homework. Check Padlet.
Informal to Formal

Listen for informal and formal ways of requesting and write them down.
Check answers

We are at the point of the term when you need to write self-reflection on the Portal. If using your mobile phone, you will arrive here: which directs you to your student card.
In order to get to the main teaching centre Portal, delete the last part of the web address
This should take you to the right place.
You can also use a computer to access this, and if so it should go to the right place.
Be careful to SAVE whatever you write by clicking the button. In an age where most applications do this automatically we have a site that appears to be stuck in the 1990s.
Magazine pages 6-7. Do the activities on p6 (started in class) and be prepared to do task 4 on page 7 for next class.


17th November

Check homework. Any questions about Cockney rhyming slang?

Documents given out in the lesson:

The question about jury unanimity has an
Write short notes on one of the cases looked at in the lesson. Include points for and against whether the person is found guilty.

Extra Information

Read about Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday:
Here in Porto the ceremony will be observed at
Arrive by 10:30 to see the start of the ceremony at 10:45.
The clip from the song is from Gilbert & Sullivan's comic opera The Mikado "My object all sublime I shall achieve in time, to let the punishment fit the crime." One of their other operas, The Pirates of Penzance, features a song with these words: "When a felon's not engaged in his employment, or maturing his felonious little plans, his capacity for innocent enjoyment is just as great as any honest man's".

You can find these on Spotify:

10th November

Magazine p3 nºs 4 & 5.
Language in action p4: listening and tasks 1-4

p5 nº6 Rewrite the sentences.

3rd November

Could one of you send a screen shot of what appears when the Padlet app asks for an email address and sign in? You can probably get in using a computer. I reported the issue to Padlet help and they would like to see the result.

Presentations and video recording.

Magazine p3 nºs 1-3 reading.
Do the matching task on the
Do based on essays from the last 2 weeks.

27th October


There are many pages to view if you put that term into a search. This page seems to be quite clear. In short, use a semi-colon to separate clauses that need a bit more than a comma but when you do not wish to finish the sentence. Use a colon when you are following the first clause with a result or consequence. Lists also require a colon followed by bullet points, however in CAE writing do not use bullet points; give a fuller description of the situation.
Complete advice sheets if not already done (upload to padlet). Also send any writing not yet submitted.

Learning hub: section 3 nºs 1 & 2; section 4 nºs 1-3.

We will do the presentations next lesson.

20th October

Open video and make it full screen (widget in bottom right of the video next to the YouTube name)

Magazine p6 Listening.

p7 Project, working in small groups: research, prepare ideas for eventual advice sheet and oral presentation to the class and to our Connecting Cultures partner class in Poland. Next class we will conclude preparation and record video presentations, using British Council tablets.
Prepare the tourism advice sheets ready for next lesson.

13th October

Magazine p4-5 Language in Action

Listening Answers

Tasks 3 & 4 on page 5.

Prepare in groups to debate tourist company vs residents.

Look at the blogs you wrote in the first lesson and use the stylistic techniques to make them more powerful.
  • Never...
  • On no account ...
  • Seldom...
  • Not until...
  • Not only ...
Do the practice nº5 and nº6 three sentences, using inversion.
: useful for future reference when writing about this topic.

6th October

and associated words from The New Shorter Oxford Dictionary

Paradise blogs from last lesson are now on Padlet with my comments.

This is an article

or: the question from the last activity, "Tourism is bad for the environment and should be limited. Discuss."

This is an essay.

29th September

Magazine p1-3
Write a blog in groups of 2 or 3

This link did not work; curiously enough it does now, so we will try the activity next week.
We did the speaking from test 1 in the practice papers book, p30-31.
Record yourself speaking for five minutes. Talk about yourself, your English learning experience and your hopes for the future; and anything else that may be interesting.

Upload the recording to Padlet.