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Updated 29th September 2022

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Covered in the Lesson


1st October

Here is a
model essay

24th September

  • What do you enjoy most about learning English?
  • What free time activity do you most enjoy? Why?
  • What sort of work would you like to do in the future? Why?
  • Do you think you spend too much time working or studying? Why? Why not?
  • Do you like using the internet to keep in touch with people?
  • Have you celebrated anything recently? How?
  • If you could travel to one country in the world where would you go? Why?
  • How important is it to you to spend time with your family? Why?/Why not?
  • Who do you think has had the greatest influence on your life? Why?

Complete the essay.

Do this for homework too. The answers are on the last page so you can check at the end. Make a note of any questions you need to ask at the start of next lesson.