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Updated 27th February 2024

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Covered in the Lesson


27th February

Role Play: roles

Research for assignment next lesson:
Investigate body image campaigns and create your own positive campaign for teenagers.
Present your ideas ot the class.
Each student should speak for 2–3 minutes and answer questions.

20th February

The assessed task for this magazine is: Investigate body image campaigns and create your own positive campaign for teenagers.
Magazine p2-3; nos 1-6.


the vast majority
a low percentage
almost all
a minority
almost no
no one
a high percentage

On the whole, I agree that
I broadly agree that
it is fair to say that
generally speaking, the author is right that
the article states that
however, I think
according to the article,
whereas I am of the opinion that
unlike the author, I strongly feel that
there is limited / no evidence that

Evaluating Arguments
The argument that older people feel pressure to look good is:
  • valid
  • interesting
  • important
  • convincing
  • unsupported
  • dangerous
  • unfair
  • one sided
  • ridiculous
Magazine p6-7 in preparation for the assignment.
Continue researching. We will work on this next lesson. Final presentation in 2 weeks.

6th February

Magazine p9-11

30th January

Blog Post: assessed task

Magazine p5-6
Work on your own to write a blog post. Choose a subject you think is important.

Upload the blog to Padlet.

23rd January


Return speaking feedback from last lesson.
Speaking test part 4 practice.

Magazine p4-5

Vocabulary in the lesson:

customs | costumes
historical novel / drama
play / drama
film / movie
it can be understood or interpreted as disrespectful
ethnic minority

16th January

Magazine p2-3

Continue with

9th January

Ensure you have Acrobat reader.


12th December

Christmas Carols and Songs


5th December

More presentations?

Magazine p4-5

docx PDF
Due to issues with logging on to attend classes, there is another class on 12th December, which sill be our final class of this calendar year.
Listening on page 42-45.

28th November

There seems to be a problem logging in, so please continue with the presentation of your survey. Can you record yourself and upload it to Padlet, or start the recording in Padlet; both ways work. Please include any illustrations (pictures or graphs). I need this now, as a comment needs to go into your reports by Saturday this week.
In class we also did the reading on page 110-11 of the Practice Tests + book and the listening on page 20-23.

21st November

Magazine pages 6-7: designing a survey.

Reading nº5 from teachers' handbook.
Interview friends and classmates at school to get some results for the survey.
From teachers' handbook reading nºs 6 & 7.

14th November

Connecting Cultures

Our partner class is in Ho Chi Min City, Viet Nam.
We will watch and listen to video presentations they have sent. They would like feedback comments.

Download FCE teachers' handbook and look at page 31 which informs about how writing is marked.

7th November

Remembrance Day, also known as Veterans' Day

Documents for this module


Intelligence Officers
Download the worksheet and watch ONE of the videos:

Speaking Activity



31st October

No lesson today. Next lesson 7th November.

24th October

Hero's journey
Language Focus
Reading part 6:

The term cohesive devices refers to the conjunctions, connectives and pronouns used to link the parts of a piece of writing.

17th October

Continue with presentation from last lesson & homework.


10th October

Jigsaw Reading

Project planning and research.
Continue work on the project. Add to the Google Slide
Vocabulary from the lesson:
  • to sing someone’s praises
  • unsung = not recognised or appreciated
  • struck by a disaster
  • food bank
  • an exceptional achievement
  • walk so far
  • they become blasé
  • it doesn’t mean those causes are not important or worth caring about
  • I don’t think we can generalise

3rd October

Magazine page 3 nº5

Hero Statements:

Choose a heroic person and research about them.

Success criteria:
  • Include interesting details from your hero’s life
  • Use past tenses
  • Speak clearly and use notes (not just reading out)
  • Include your opinion.
  • Speak for 3-5 minutes in pairs.
  • Show a clear timeline with the key events of your hero’s life.


Listening 2


26th September

First please read

At the top of this page click/tap on the pink "Padlet" image. This opens our class Padlet in a new tab.

Try downloading the magazine and the MyLinks file.

Try writing a short message to everyone in the class introducing yourself, and upload it.

Record a short message and upload it.

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Read the article on page 2 and do the activities on page 3.