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Lesson Material


23rd June

Northern Ireland

21st June

Remote house in the west of Scotland

14th June

There has been a certain amount of confusion over the lessons for this course. We have in fact had 20 lessons, so they are finished. Early in the academic year some of you had difficulty logging in to the Learning Hub, so extra lessons were arranged, one of which was taught earlier this year. I was informed that there would be one extra lesson on 23rd June, and informed you all of that on 9th June.

I am now informed that there was a lesson scheduled for today. As a conscientious teacher I will be there at the usual time in case any of you join the lesson.

I will confirm the extra lesson(s) for the remainder of this academic year, and ask the office to email your parents. I will post information on this site as usual.

9th June

Literature: short story The Emergency Landing

7th June

John Wyndham's The Kraken Wakes is a novel about aliens which invade Earth and then lurk in the depths of the oceans before emerging. Wyndham's most famous novel is The Day of the Triffids, where intelligent plants almost take over. His works are gripping stories with a moral angle, which allows the reader to draw conclusions of their own.

2nd June

Listen to the podcast and complete the

31st May

Project: desert survival
Lead in discussion, watch a video and answer these
Watch the video once again, to reinforce understanding. Note anything you are not sure of (note the time in the video); ask next lesson.

26th May


Write a diary entry. Use

24th May

Magazine p6-9

Down in the Depths. Journey to the bottom of the sea

Documentary about deep-sea life. Answer questions about the film and then the reading.

nº11 p9 speaking: argue case for deep-sea exploration or survival skills training.

19th May

Continue with p5 nº11. Work in groups.

Learning hub section 2 nº1 listen to an interview; nº2 vocabulary; nº 3 structuring an application letter.

Example application letter:

Detailed instructions:

17th May

Adventures and survival: Bear Grylls video and interview, magazine p4.
Started p5 nº11 to continue on Thursday.
Learning hub section 2 nºs 2 & 3

12th May

What five things couldn’t you live without?
Learning Hub The Great Unknown Section 1, nºs 3 & 4.

10th May

  • Further reading questions on worksheet.
  • What if...

5th May

Reverse MC Cloze
If you have time between tests at school, you can try these:

3rd May

Do listening and some more of the reading and use of English if you have time between school tests.

28th April

26th April

“Is it a good thing that people try to live without money?”
Finish the essay and upload to Padlet by Tuesday next week.

21st April

Magazine pp10-11

Planning a party: vocabulary, listening, expressions to use.
Learning hub sections 2 & 3, tasks 2 & 3 for each.

19th April

Magazine pages 6-7.

24th, 29th & 31st March

Please see padlet for returned writing.

Magazine 5 p1-5.

Magazine p3-5.

Rôle play p5. To be completed on 31st March.

Learning hub section 1. (Upload the writing to the padlet, not the learning hub.)

22nd March

Work in pairs and choose a book from one of the categories.
Write a short review of the book(s) you read.

15th & 17th March

Research a hero
Choose your own hero and do some research for Thursday's lesson.
Use these Google docs to collaborate and share notes.

8th & 10th March

Magazine p10-11
Learning hub section 4, tasks 2 & 3.

3rd March

Bend it like Beckham

24th February

p8-9 magazine writing a blog.

Upload your own version of the blog on to Padlet.

22nd February

Magazine p6 ff

Word families:
Choose which file type you prefer
Nº8 page 7

Complete the word families table with words form the lesson.

17th February

15th February

Magazine p4-5

Learning hub section 2 (task 1), tasks 2 & 3.

10th February

Try to pronounce words shown on Powerpoint

Magazine p2-3 Reading & following tasks.
Do learning hub section 1 tasks 3 and 4.

8th February



Ensure you have completed learning hub section 1 tasks 1 & 2.

3rd February

1st February

27th January

Now work in pairs to revisit the discussion last lesson, then write a short report using the simple past and past perfect for reported speech. Write
Make sure you have done these tasks on the learning hub:

Section 2
2? & 3

Section 3
2 & 3

Section 4
2 & 3

Section 5

Read this for homework and be prepared to say what you think about the character in the

25th January

Magazine p10-11. Listening to witness statements and working in groups to decide who is guilty or the crime.

: start at 9:15

20th January

Magazine p8-9

Learning hub section 4: nºs 2 & 3.

18th January

Magazine p6-7.

Learning hub section 3: reporting verbs and talking about crime (vocabulary).

6th January

Magazine p3 tasks 6 & 7. P4 reading & tasks 9-11: reading and speaking about crimes.
Learning hub section 1 tasks. If you were not in the lesson on 4th January task 1 is watching the video of the crime.

4th January

Magazine p1-2. Reading and discussion.
Nº6 p3 and the 2nd activity on the learning hub.


Some of you have asked about reading material. We all have different tastes and interests, so this web site may be one of the best recommendations.

Choose your age group and see what books they have. If using Amazon go to the as it is in the EU and you pay in euros. The Kindle books there are much cheaper than on the USA Amazon site, which the links from Read Brightly will take you to. Set the language to English if it tries to translate the title into German.

If you go to you may find an audio book recording, and you can listen and read at the same time, which can help improve your reading skills. You use the same sign in as for Amazon.

14th December

9th December

Christmas Activities
The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas in Hollis

Complete the as you listen to the song.
Calypso Carol
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

7th December

Talking Turkeys

Read the 2nd report.

2nd December

Pink Bow Tie

30th November

The Mystery of the Stolen FA Cup Medal

Last page of the activities worksheet; upload to Padlet.

Animals Around Us

25th November

Download this

Visit the video

Story: The Whale

Write the bestiary description and upload to the padlet.

23rd November

Magazine p9 nºs 10 & 11.

18th November

Prepare a short talk about an endangered species, then take turns to present to the class.

You could also use Learning hub section 3, task 4 to help with this.

Write the care sheet in Learning hub section 3, task 4.

16th November

Some useful phrases for

Magazine pages 6 & 7, all tasks.
Learning hub section 3, tasks 1-3.

11th November

Reading page 4-5.
Discussion & debate.
Speed writing: upload to padlet what you wrote in the lesson.
Learning hub section 2 task 1: summary of the article read in the lesson.

9th November

Do Section 1 Task 4 on the learning hub: write about a domesticated animal.

4th November

Magazine p2 tasks 2-5. Prepare, then watch the

Magazine p3 tasks 6-7, then follow the tasks on:
then do this task:
Learning Hub
Animals around us

Section 1
Vocabulary for wild and domestic animals

Section 2
Eexpressions of probability

Actions Speak Louder

2nd November

Revision tasks on the learning hub. See purple link at the top of this page. Go to the site and sign in.
Choose the current magazine title and then Describing body language and emotions followed by Using expressions for making generalisations.
Go to the 2nd section and choose: Using the language of generalising and Using general and specific language
Go to the 3rd section and choose: Using defining and non-defining relative clauses and Describing gestures.
Go to the 4th section and choose: Scanning for specific information and Writing paragraphs.
Go to the 5th section and choose: Using word stress for emphasis.
In case none of the above work, which is unfortunately only too probable, please see:

On the learning hub choose Write sentences about body language. Send these via padlet to me.

Do the same for section 4, Explain different gestures.

28th October

Listening and reading activities

. Choose which one interests you.
Complete writing and upload to Padlet.

26th October

Read these questions, then watch the trailer and answer them:
  1. What has been extraordinary about David Attenborough’s life?
  2. What have human beings done?
  3. What good news does he have?
  4. If we don’t act what will happen?
  5. What must we do?

Earthshot interview:
  1. What is the Earthshot Prize?
  2. Where did the idea come from?
  3. How many prizes are there?
  4. What are they?
  5. How many years will this happen?
  6. What does Prince William say?
  7. How many people did you recognise in the interviews?

21st October

Magazine pages 10-12 Project: watch an actor talking about the art of acting. Follow the steps on p11 to complete your project. Act out the scene for the rest of the class.
p12 task 2 self evaluation. Then write 2 or 3 sentences about how you feel about the work done so far. What have you done well? Where could you improve?

19th October

Magazine p8 tasks 9-11.

Task 12: alien gestures. See document on Padlet to use for a leaflet about alien gestures and what they mean.
Open this
Do exercises 1-7 for homework.

14th October

High Five
pages 6 & 7 in the magazine: tasks 1 & 2

Watch this

Do tasks 3-5, p6.
Relative pronouns
Do page 7, tasks 7 & 8 in the magazine.

12th October

Last lesson we categorised the words in bold on page 2 of the magazine. Download the version of the file that suits you:

Work in pairs to make sentences using the words you have just found.

Page 4 Listening, tasks 9 & 10.

Page 5 in the magazine.
Research more about robtos and think of some ideas to tell the class next lesson.

7th October

Role Play Activities: work in pairs and act out these, using appropriate gestures and facial expressions.

30th September

Complete the writing we started in the lesson.