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2nd April


Send the statement to this

U022CEU My Future


28th March


Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars. These novels examine the scientific, but also the political and social aspects of Mars colonization.


Do you agree with these pieces of advice?

27th March

I012CGL The art of the offer

Watch this video from 30s in, and decide if the lady uses polite language; also if she is in fact polite.

26th March

A022CGL Internships

U067CEU Clearing the air

21st March

U048CEU British life and culture

Homework Answers

14th March

U018CEU You are what you eat

For further reading practice and vocabulary work on the topic of food, visit

7th March

AEB_B2_E01 International Women's Day

29th February


I saw it in the news


22nd February


Task Cards

15th February



Best Job?

8th February


witch noun /wɪtʃ/
which pronoun, determiner /w(h)ɪtʃ/

1st February


Role play

25th January


Reported Speech practice

18th January

U071CEU In the News

11th January

U070CEU Discussing a news item

Audio script 70.1
The article l've just read is about a school in the North of England and basically what's happened is that all the children and teachers are going to be given iPads instead of books.
According to the story the school will actually save money by having the iPads because they won't need to spend money on photocopying. And apparently, this has attracted the interest of other schools in the UK and abroad, who intend to copy the project if it's a success.
The main issue this raises, I think, is whether we want to be dependent on technology to such an extent and l'd like to know what other people think about this. What happens if there's no internet access, for example? Does that mean the classes will be cancelled?
I'd also be interested to hear whether using iPads really means pupils get better marks at school. I wonder what the rest of you think about that.

4th January

U055CEU The impact of technology